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Concurrent Solutions, LLC


We are a business-to-business company providing high-tech products and research services to both private commercial entities and government agencies.

Our customers have included NASA - Marshall Spaceflight Center, agencies of the Army, Special Forces Command (SOCOM), ERDC-Corps of Engineers in Vicksburg MS, Teledyne Brown Engineering, and Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) in Huntsville, AL. We have been awarded research grants from the Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Kentucky Soybean Board, and we most recently completed a 5-year £800K grant for the United Kingdom Technology Strategies Board (Innovate U.K.) in which we collaborated with the University of Reading and five British and European companies.

Bringing Aerospace Technology Down to Earth

Since 2003 we have been increasingly focusing our attention on improving methods of food production and farming. We are demonstrating that the same tools we developed for aerospace can be adapted to solve some of the more perplexing problems that are limiting success in Precision Agriculture.

Managing weeds in arable crops is of particular concern due to the emerging threat of herbicide resistance. Our efforts in this area include the development of an ultralight autonomous platform for applying herbicides on weeds in the presence of crops, a machine vision system that can be retrofitted to existing boom sprayers that can detect grass weeds in grain crops, and a weed mapping system to generate geo-referenced application maps. Our current research effort combines custom high resolution field cameras, with a ruggedized high-speed parallel computer, running our suite of machine vision software applications to achieve real-time variable-rate herbicide application in arable crops.

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